Terri Stilwell is a multi-faceted professional artist whose interest in voice acting started in high school where she was a radio jockey. Her basic entertainment training originated from the following professionals in the field:

  • VoiceOne: Narration, Sarah Kliban (San Francisco, 2013)

  • VoiceOne: Stepping Out, Tom Chantler & Sally Clawson (San Francisco, 2012)

  • VoiceOne: Improv Drop In, Ann Feehan (San Francisco, 2012)

  • Scene Study: John Miranda (Los Angeles)

  • Technique Coach: John Heller (Los Angeles)

  • Cold Reading: Actor’s Open Forum (Los Angeles)

  • Tepper-Gallegos: Commercial Workshop (Los Angeles)

Terri’s film and TV experience include roles:

  • A bar flirt in the NBC show Hunter

  • A snippy waitress in the popular ABC show Moonlighting

  • A wife waiting for her husband to return from war in NBC’s War and Remembrance

In the late 90’s she did a show called Rocking Good News and voice acting with other radio personalities in Hollywood.

Together with acting, she has devoted time to her love of music as a pop-rock singer / songwriter / guitarist. Terri is a veteran of LA girl- bands including The Color Wheel and Mad Man's Drum.

As a solo artist she released her debut CD, One True Thing. “Life” one of the songs in her debut CD was selected for The Spyder; a short film by Susan Renee Hamilton which made its debut at the 1999 San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

Terri is has engaged audiences from intimate coffeehouses to world festival performances with her acoustic guitar and beautiful vocals in 2001. Terri joined a choir of hundreds to perform Beethoven's “Ode to Joy” at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco for the Northern California Culture Festival: A Buddhist Celebration of Diversity, Non- Violence & World Peace. Thousands gathered to hear the choir and see a performance of the musical REV IT UP. Terri also performed with the Silicon Valley Trio at the 2nd Annual Earth Charter Summit at The Ikeda Auditorium in San Francisco.

In 2003 and 2007 respectively, Terri released: Self-titled and Now & Then. Now & Then is a collection, which includes new songs, previously songs, and some remixed versions from her first CD, One True Thing.

In 2010 she was part of a rock trio, Dragon Daughter. The other members were Karinne Figueroa and Jessica Rubio. Its self-titled CD was released in 2010.

Also released in 2010, in the movie Hold the Sun, Terri does voiceover collaboration as a news reporter and makes a cameo appearance.

Her latest project with Karinne is Terrifig! Their album Enjoy the Now was released in 2019.